BANKLINE devotees, stop here! 

You have reached a sheltered anchorage full of good things. Ships passing in the night, and casual visitors alike – you are all WELCOME! 

A recent contributor to the site called life at sea in the Bank Line, ” A globe trotting mystery tour lifestyle” which about sums it up!

Maritime fans: See thousands of entries – ship pictures, stories, records, and memories old and new. Wartime accounts and fascinating history from 1885 onwards. Explore the surroundings, and for the lucky ones who spent time in the company, wallow if you like in nostalgia, recalling the heady days that will never, ever, be repeated. Best viewed with rose tinted glasses and your favourite tipple to hand! Enjoy browsing.

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There are a couple of books for sale on AMAZON – “Merchant Navy Apprentice 1951-1955″ about life in the Bank Line, and a memoir called, ” Any Budding Sailors?” which includes a Bank Line section. They are in print and also available as an ebook for download. ( Search for the name on AMAZON BOOKS to purchase). Many Thanks.

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