Vintage Group photos from earlier times…

Lovely pictures with tons of character. The facial expressions, pose, and dress, coupled with the backgrounds make for a historical study and a priceless record.

Bank Line Officers

Comliebank in South Australia around 1907
Thistlebank sailing ship officers

A lovely snap of a sailing ship Master and officers – ship unknown. Apprentices sitting in the front.

The author when a young Chief Officer (centre) with the deck crew of the M.V. Southbank in 1961

The uniformed men were all serving masters in Heysham Harbour, circa 1969. The author sailed with them all and the names from left to right are: Mills,Ponting,Gill,Irwin,Williams and Ashton. They served in the ‘Duke’ vessels sailing nightly to Belfast with up to 2000 passengers.

German Commanders WW2


U.S. Submarine crew

Crew of the British sailing vessel GLOOSCAP assembled on the deck, Washington, ca. 1904.

Crew of the ‘Bannockburn’, Greenock

Conway Cadets

An image from World War 2.

French ship, maybe