Thornliebank – suffered the worst fate in WW2. Torpedoed when full of ammunition in 1941 and blew up killing all on board.

When she was torpedoed, Thornliebank was carrying ammunition and she blew up in a great explosion, killing all on board. (66 crew members and 9 gunners). 

So big was the explosion that debris from the ship fell on the U-boat and even injured one of the Germans. 

To their amazement, the next day, the Germans found a 10 cm shell, which had been blown from a distance of 1.200 metres onto the conning tower.  Thornliebank SS was a British cargo steamer of 5,569 grt that was owned by the Bank Line Ltd. On the 29th November 1941 she was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-43 when on route from Barry for Suez with a general cargo.