The Log Of Davy Jones

The log of Davy Jones

I’m nodding and a blinking, as I sit here at my ease,

And memory takes me back again to the days I sailed the seas,

And in the flickering firelight, the ghosts flit to and fro.

Ghosts of those good old sailing ships I knew so long ago.

I can feel the old ‘ Glenorchy’ from the Cape come booming home,

Rolling down to Saint Helena, her bows a-cream with foam.

With the ‘ Drummuir ‘ running neck and neck, the ‘ Palgrave ‘ far away,

And the ‘ Inchcape Rock’ , that later left her bones in Alloa Bay.

From Garden Reach to Esplanade, they lay in serried ranks,

Those old Calcutta traders, the ‘ Falls’ and ‘ Brocklebanks ‘.

The ‘ Bens’ and ‘ Glens’ , the ‘ Fernie’ ships, and others as wellknown.

With Jimmy Nourse’s coolie ships, the ‘ Sheila’, ‘ Erne’ and ‘ Rhone’

The ‘ Oakbank’ and the ‘ Otterspool’ both burned in far Peru.

The ‘ Frankistan’ and ‘Fannie Kerr’, the ‘ Frank N Thayer’, too.

‘Sir Lancelot’ the beautiful famed clipper in her day,

Loaded deep with salt from Muscat, when she foundered in the Bay.

‘Taitsing’ was wrecked on Zanzibar, ‘ Eden Holme’ on Hebe reef,

The ‘ Flying Spur’ on Martin Vas had also come to grief.

The ‘ Flying Venus’ on Penrhyn, ‘ Loch Sloy’ on Kangaroo.

‘Loch Vennacher’ had left her bones upon this island too.

The ‘ Nylghau’ and the ‘Alex McNeil’ passed out on Prague reef,

‘Colonial Empire’ made eight bells on the rocks of Cape Recife.

The ‘ Bangalore’ went missing, likewise the ‘Oamaru’

‘Lord Brassey’ and the ‘Manchester’, the good ship ‘Dalus’, too.

The good ‘Drumcraig’ went missing as did old ”Tamar’

‘Peter Iredale’ and ‘Galena’ on Columbia river bar.

Midway Island took the ‘Carrollton’, Layson the barque ‘Ceylon’

Ice took the ship ‘Geo’,’Peabody’, and the bonny ‘Rising Dawn’

‘Glenbervie’ on the Manacles, ‘Radiant’ on Crocodile,

‘The ‘ Lanrigg Hall ‘ on Tuskar, ‘King Lear’ on Lundy Isle,

‘Seeadler, the Pirate , wrecked on South Sea Isles afar.

Remembered by old sailor men as the ‘Pass of Balmaha’.

Malden Island took the ‘Salamis’, Iquique the ‘ Wynnstay’,

‘Persian Empire’ and the ‘Levernbank’ both sank in Biscay Bay.

‘Glenericht’, by collision, south of the River Plate,

On lonely Inaccessible, the ‘Shakespeare’ met her fate.

The ‘Allanshaw’ and ‘Mabel Clarke’ on Tristran’s rocky shore,

‘ Glunhuntley ‘ and the ‘Beacon Light’ nearby has paid their score.

‘ County  of Roxburgh’ and the ‘Savernake’ on Paumotos made their bed,

‘Edw. O’Brian’ and ‘Dunreggan’ piled up on Diamond Head. 

The ‘Primrose Hill’ on Holyhead went down with all her crew, 

The ‘ Thracian ‘ on her maiden trip took all hands with her too.

The ‘ Ardencraig’ on Scilly, ‘Tarridon’, sunk by Huns,

‘Cape Wrath’ and ‘Cadzow Forest’ took their pilots and were gone.

King Island took ‘ Loch Leven’, likewise the ‘Kalahine’,

‘Lizzie Iredale’ went missing with the ‘Heathbank’ and ‘Loch Fyne’.

‘Powys Castle’, ‘Cosmopolis’, ‘ Clencaird’ and the ‘Indore’

All made eight bells on Staten Island’s shore. 

Now the fire is getting lower and the ghosts have feed to play,

and methinks I hear a cock crow – It’s near the break of day.

I’ll make four bells and go below, to rest my weary bones,

But I bow my head to the men and ships that have gone to Davy Jones. 

By Anon