Interesting Web Sites

A Nostalgic look at ships in the Manchester ship canal in the early 1960’s

The Mother of all Maritime Links is an interesting history site with many ship entries – worth a browse.. (Interesting website with ship photos) An amazing site for war buffs with hundreds of pages of ships lost.

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Rotterdam pilots / Corabank arriving (click below) ( Shipwreck pictures) TRENTBANK SINKING – The website of an ex Bank Line Radio Officer On line purchase of my books! – all U Boat information – A great site, full of information – many bank line ships to be found on this site A fascinating record of ships built over the years.. Loss of sailing vessel Thornliebank on the Scilly Isles Information and interviews with Otto Kretschmer, one of the U Boat Aces in WW2. An interesting Bank Line site for members only


. This a subscription site with a wealth of ship information, pictures, etc based in Wellington, N.Z. Interesting record of all Scottish built vessels A brilliant site for War buffs….. Tons of interesting articles. A bit of seaching needed to find the maritime reports depending on the day involved.

Another site for war buffs….. Convoy information. This is a de-classified secret document giving a fully detailed account f the German U boat war by Admiral Doenitz. A great site for ship photos and detail This site contains ship basic details for Sunderland Built Bank Line ships. This is an amazing source of sailing ship pictures – ones that visited South Australia a nice archive of Vancouver with the Olivebank picture etc – a true account of piracy from the USA ‘ Library of Congress’ A 20 minute video of the USA yards building Liberty Ships in the war. Corny in places, but interesting bits… Great photo site/searchable

Minchbank video from the 1070’s.

Another Youtube video with the London Docks 1969 and some shots taken aboard the GOWENBANK

A very interesting and comprehensive site for Liberty Ship enthusiasts…v3400_0491.pdf