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(These titles are available as ebooks, but the first two may be purchased on Amazon in print if preferred)


( The question the teacher asked the class of 12 year olds in secondary school)

This is a memoir of a maritime life.

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Merchant Navy Apprentice 1951-1955

An ebook for purchase detailing life in the Bank Line in the 1950’s. Click on the link below to buy with Paypal.


Man The Braces

True accounts from the men of the sailing ship era. Shipwrecks, strandings, and dismastings, together with ordinary voyages and remarkable events like fire aboard etc. Purchase with Paypal by clicking on the link below.


Voyaging with Icons .

A book detailing 10 years in the Bank Line from apprentice to Chief Officer during the 1950’s. Purchase with Paypal by clicking the link below.