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A TESTBANK voyage in 1969

This report covers a voyage back in 1969 and is kindly provided by Peter Ferrer who was 2/0 onboard. His detailed notes and plans etc follow. Although this is 1969, it is a typical ‘go anywhere’ Bank Line voyage, looked upon with great nostalgia today, and not only by those serving in the company – as evidenced by the envious comments sometimes read on ‘facebook’ about the Bank Line experience.

A new book is underway – available 2022

A new book is underway… It will be the full story of the fate of the SPEYBANK – The capture by the German raider ATLANTIS, conversion to the DOGGERBANK, loss in error to U-43, and the agonising boat journey of the survivors which left only 1 man alive. Plus some accounts of the victims of the German ships, including the Blue Funnel ship yielding most important secrets. This tale is better than fiction!