5 thoughts on “Cedarbank Parade

    1. Hi Mike,
      I was 2/Eng at that time on the Falklands. Can’t immediately recall the Mate’s name. Will check. Know he was also RNR and got to march in London at the Victory parade. Also got his medal then. Still waiting for mine!!!


      1. Op910a, thanks for offering to find the Mate’s name. I have a feeling it might have been Nigel Hunt but open to correction. I think he died young and I know his wife wrotea scathing letter to the Daily Telegraph about post Falkland war treatment of MN personnel.


        1. Yes that was him. What was the reason for his wife to write to the paper? Did she blame his early death on the way he was treated? We went down at the end of the conflict after a ceasefire. Admittedly they broke the ceasefire in the past. My wife was on board briefly in Southampton and the only traumatic event is that our RAF flight lieutenant who called himself The Queen’s Courier told everyone in the bar that this was to be a test ship to see if the Argies were serious. The only trauma we had down there was one air raid scare and the altercation with The Yorkshireman tug on departure. Compared to the what the other ships went through. It was nothing.
          Oh and a bad oil spill when bunkering from alongside a tanker at Ascension on the way down, which was caused by the mates and service personnel.
          Rod Nissen.


  1. Great ship. She brought us home from The Falklands War at full speed even though we had a cropped prop after an altercation with the tug Yorkshireman at Stanley.


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