First trip Fleetbank….

This true account kindly submitted by Peter Ferrers who joined the Fleetbank as an Apprentice in May 1964.

The FLEETBANK was one of the highly successful ‘ Copra’ vessels serving for 17 years. Usually, but not always, voyages lasted around 5 months loading from US Gulf ports for Australasia and returning home through the Pacific islands with Copra. The programming of vessels in the Bank Line was always subject to change and for those onboard this meant a level of uncertainty and some curiosity re the length of voyage and the itinerary.

For an even earlier account from the 1950’s see the book, ” Merchant Navy Apprentice 1951 – 1955″ available from Amazon as either an e book or a printed version.

3 thoughts on “First trip Fleetbank…

  1. Hi Pete, have seen this article by you and the photo’s you included, yes I do remember you on the Laganbank with me and Damien, also in the photo Graeme Gardner was with me for 2.5 years at TS Mercury prior to us joining Bank Line. As before if your on Facebook messanger send me a contact, i’m on under my name, as I have photo you will like, or perhaps Fairwinz could pass my e-mail address to you, Regards, Rob


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