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Grateful thanks to Peter Ferrer who has sent in the following pictures and details of his voyage as second apprentice on the FLEETBANK way back in the 1960’s!

2nd Trip Details on M.V. Fleetbank Apprentice P G Ferrer

Below are the details of a typical copra run when I was 2nd apprentice.  I didn’t take many notes but did record all the crew, ports, distances etc which are shown below.  Digital cameras were not invented and as an apprentice money was short, so taking pictures was at a premium.  Many accounts have been written of the Copra run and mine was no different, but Washington Island and Christmas Island were an experience not to be forgotten.  

The view from the remote Washington Island. The stranded SOUTHBANK in the foreground with the FLEETBANK standing off.

Washington Island

Southbank wreck on Washington Island

A distant view of the stranded and wrecked SOUTHBANK on Washington Island 1965. Taken from the FLEETBANK – photo courtesy of Peter Ferrer

Southbank forepart seen through the trees with the Fleetbank further out. Photo courtesy of Peter Ferrer

A full account of the tragedy with pictures can be seen on this site ( search for Southbank)

The wreck shortly after grounding

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Kobe was a regular call for Bank Line vessels

The ‘old’ ERNEBANK visited Kobe with bagged sugar for discharge

The Kobe, or Great Hanshin, earthquake struck in the pre-dawn hours of January 17, 1995, with a magnitude of 7.3 near the city of Kobe, about 350 km (210 miles) southwest of Tokyo. It killed more than 6,400 people. Damage was estimated at $100 billion.

Pictures of the modern port

See the book below. Available on Amazon

“Merchant Navy Apprentice 1951-1955”

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This true account kindly submitted by Peter Ferrers who joined the Fleetbank as an Apprentice in May 1964.

The FLEETBANK was one of the highly successful ‘ Copra’ vessels serving for 17 years. Usually, but not always, voyages lasted around 5 months loading from US Gulf ports for Australasia and returning home through the Pacific islands with Copra. The programming of vessels in the Bank Line was always subject to change and for those onboard this meant a level of uncertainty and some curiosity re the length of voyage and the itinerary.

For an even earlier account from the 1950’s see the book, ” Merchant Navy Apprentice 1951 – 1955″ available from Amazon as either an e book or a printed version.

Vagaries of a first Command

Geoffrey Walker has kindly submitted the following article detailing the ‘ups and downs’ of serving as Master on deepsea vessels. Geoffrey commenced his sea-going career in the 1960’s in the Bank Line.

The author of the article maintains a maritime site, full of interest at

An original article

The Auxilliary cruiser Michel

Read the interesting story of a war-time raider!

One of the victims

Written by Geoff Walker. His Maritime site can be viewed at

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See Bank Line ebooks to buy with paypal at Printed versions on Amazon.

John I Jacobs & Co Ltd – London

An interesting and original article written and edited by Geoffrey Walker. See his speciality maritime site at

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A slide show featuring Pikebank,Tenchbank, Roachbank, Dacebank, Ruddbank, Troutbank. Please use the arrows to see the images…

The newly formed Sunderland Shipbuilders completed all 6 of the ‘ Fish’ class Bank Line vessels in 1979. They were purchased in turbulant times, as the rush to containers challenged the whole industry. Designed with the maximum flexibility for the rather unique trades of the company, they were a partial success. Most stayed 8 years before being sold on.

Other companies….

Court Line Ltd

The Errington Court was the Empire Favour

( The Bank Line Empire Franklin was renamed Hazelbank)

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