Places we visited…..


Occaisonally, Bank Line ships visited Vitoria in NE Brazil to load grain or iron ore. Today, like many of the old ports it has become a tourist destination.

Vitoria, Brazil

This lovely island city is the capital of Santo Espirito state and one of Brazil’s oldest cities, dating from 1551. Its original Indian inhabitants dubbed it the “Island of Honey” for its abundance of fish, forests and natural beauty. From the delightful beaches to the hilltop views, Vitória marvelously blends its colonial and contemporary aspects. Vitória’s beaches are magnets for the local people — young and old, day and night — especially Camburi beach, which is floodlit after dark. It is the center of the city’s nightlife. Everyone can enjoy a swim, a walk on the sand, impromptu conga lines, or dinner by the sea.

The Liberty ship, Maplebank loaded iron ore here.

See the book called, “Merchant Navy Apprentice, 1951 – 1955” for accounts of life in the Bank Line

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