Places we visited..


Chittagong on the Karnafuli river was a very regular call for Bank Line ships loading Jute bales. The above picture is of the modern port, but in the 1950’s the berths were old and loading took place throughout the day and night from the quay, and from barges overside. The chanting of the gangs sweating bales up between the lower hold beams was a memorable event, usually watched by an apprentice to ensure that all the space was used.

The Irisbank was a regular visitor

Jute at market ready for baling

Approaching Chittagong in 1956, the Irisbank grounded on a shoal at full speed and bounced off! It transpired that the marker buoy had been displaced by a recent hurricane, and little damage was done. This huge Delta area contains the world’s greatest mangrove swamp and is swept by Monsoon winds each year

More accounts of Bank Line voyages can be found in the book titled, ” Voyaging with Icons” available from Amazon.

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