Places we visited…..

Ocean Island

( Banaba today)

Better known as a former phosphate mining island until 1979, Banaba is Kiribati’s westernmost island with a total land area of 6.0 km2 and its highest point is also the highest point in Kiribati at 81 metres.

Ocean Island is etched in any long term Bank Line man’s heart! A regular call for the phosphate with the prospect of more than one trip up and down, discharging in Australian and New Zealand ports. It was common to do 3 or 4 trips on the trot.

A beach stroll – author with no shirt

On passage down to Australia – Tasman sea

Pinnacles of rock from the worked out mining

The Kelvinbank stranded at Ocean Island. ( See the story on this site)

See a book title below about life in the Bank Line – travelling the world.

“Merchant Navy Apprentice 1951-1955”

On Amazon Books

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