Places we visited….


One of the least glamourous places visited by Bank Line ships was Vizagapatam in the Bay of Bengal – usually to discharge wheat. The author was there on 2 occasions, and has vivid memories of the 24 hour working alongside, while the stevedores bagged bulk grain throughout the night. The curly sandwiches left out on a tray and the hot and humid conditions etc! Many beggars, mostly children, shared the quay with swooping hawks.

Now a major tourist destination, it was a Royal Navy base overseas for many years.

The old Irisbank loaded grain for India

2 thoughts on “Places we visited…Visag

  1. Whilst on the Hazelbank (Ex Empire Franklin) a coal burning steamship we loaded bunkers in Vizagapatam in the 1950’s . The ship had staging built up ship side and the coal was loaded by females passing baskets of coal up the staging to the deck where it was tipped into the bunker hatch.
    A time consuming operation.


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