Places we visited…


The port for Lima

The big port of Callao in Peru was a Bank Line call, usually to discharge gunnies from India, and it was one of many on the long run up the S American west coast ending often in Quito, Equador.

The LEVERNBANK that stranded at Matarani Peru, nearby. See the report on this site by searching, ‘ levernbank’

A card from 1910 – This was a busy sailing ship port

1 thought on “Places we visited…Callao

  1. Have completed the WCSA trip on two occasions both times completing the trip in Quaquil in Equador then ballast voyage through the Panama Canal to the US Gulf . One trip to load wheat for India and the other for the normal cargoes from the US Gulf to Australia ( sulphur, carbon black , agricultural equipment, bulk lube oil etc).. On the MV Teakbank we even Dry Docked in Valpariso (Chile) .


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