A nice view of the 1929 built FORTHBANK loaded down. See the line boatmen under the bow.

This was the author’s first ship, joining in July 1951 in Cardiff and sailing for Point Fortin Trinidad to load drummed bitumen

The white line on the hull indicates a date earlier. The company progressively removed the white stripe on the hull in the early 50’s. and it was gone on this ship by 1951.

A typical ‘old timer’ in the fleet at that time. See the lattice type derricks, radial davits for the boats, open rails and wood sheathed decks that glistened when wet. No running water, hot or cold in the accommodation – only hand pumped and carried by buckets.

She was a steamer. Took part in the Sicily landings in WW2 and was the first ship to berth in Italy after Taranto was opened.

Had a 30 year lifespan, the last 6 under the Italian flag as POTESTAS.

She had 3 sisters – Deebank, Trentbank, and Lindenbank. The Deebank had a 42 year life under 3 owners, The Trentbank was lost in WW2, and the Lindenbank stranded on Arena island in 1939.

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