2 thoughts on “beaverbank

  1. My first ship joined as first trip apprentice (age 16 ) at Liverpool in March 1953.
    Vessel was fresh out of the builders H&W Belfast,
    It’s first trip was a Blue Funnel charter to Australia, then a Phosphate run, the A Pacific voyage to Bromborough with Copra and Coconut oil.
    Master was Capt Niblok then Commodore Master Bank Line.
    I remember he was not too pleased that his vessel was put on the Phosphate run where the discharge grabs had to traverse and overnight land on the vessels pristine timber decks. To avoid damage he had the Chinese Cippy and the apprentices make up large wooden gratings ( similar to pallets) to protect the decks adjacent to each hatch.


    1. Hi Mike – Interesting – thanks for the memory. I was just joining the ‘old’ Ernebank, for an unforgettable round the world trip at that time.


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