The old ‘Warhorse’ IRISBANK

The author’s old ship IRISBANK – A stalwart of the fleet that went round and round the world for 31 years before heading to the scrapyard. 1930 to 1961.

Seen here arriving at Durban in January 1960.

Photo credit David Shackleton – Malcolm Cranfield collection bmp.

1 thought on “IRISBANK

  1. Joined the Irisbank in Bathurst, Gambia in the late 1950’s with a brand new 2nd Mates Certificate( relieved you Alan).
    Master was Capt Mendus a truly good man and a fine Seaman. Unfortunately som months later I was transferred to the Cloverbank in Cacutta , whilst the Irisbank sailed back to the UK on a Broclebank charter.
    I had great affection for the Irisbank and although my time on her was short I think she is my favorite amongst the ship’s I sailed on with Bank Line.


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