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This is a maritime site built around the iconic British shipping line – the Bank Line. Just one of the many shipping enterprises that carried on the proud heritage of ships and shipping throughout the ages from the British Isles. The cap badge below shows the company flag. The founder and owner, a man of great vision and ambition built up one of the largest fleets of sailing ships that spanned the world’s ports. Andrew Weir, the Lord Inverforth, then went on to grow a fleet of steam and diesel vessels through two world wars maintaining a fleet of approximately 50 vessels that covered the globe. After his death in 1955, fresh family interests and the rapid onset of containerisation led to the demise of the company after a long struggle to adapt. However, sailing on the vessels and experiencing the ups and downs, visiting ports large and small all over the world on long voyages was a unique something that could not be bought. For many it was a life changing experience, and this dedicated site is an attempt at a tribute to that incredible story.

A nostalgic look at the Maritime world.

Welcome to – Bankline- Plus. This is a site for mariners everywhere, old and new. Modern seafarers face the same perils but with vastly different resources and tools. It is full of photos, articles, accounts, and much more. It was started to celebrate the achievements of Andrew Weir, the Lord Inverforth, between 1885 and recent times, but now includes interesting posts from all around the marine world. Please explore the site and enjoy all of the material. Use the ‘Q’ symbol to search for a particular item or vessel. Grateful thanks go to all of the contributors.

A book detailing 1950’s life in the Bank Line. Available on AMAZON


“Voyaging with Icons” is the title of an inexpensive ebook available on AMAZON . It describes several long voyages back in the days without air conditioning or bars on board!

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