RIVERBANK memories

The Riverbank back in 1972, what a state the old girl was in, steam leaking every where and none of the engine room fans worked. Used to send the donkey man up to turn the cowls into the wind, haha. Running low on water in the Indian Ocean and chasing clouds in the hope of rain. I was 5th engineer and the heavy oil tanks were below by cabin, stinking hot with an old DC desk fan that went at a snails pace. The bar was self built from old dunnage but we loved it all. the social life was what keep us all going. I am sorry to say that I cannot remember the names but the 4th eng was called Muttley because he laughed just like the sniggering hound, 2nd mate was Ken Carpenter I thing, the mate was from Buckie, really like his drink. Hopefully others will be able to add names.It had an old Doxford 4 cylinder LBD with twin scavenge pumps. We had to run on three many time due to the cylinder liner wear, ended up shut down mid Indian Ocean between Christmas and New Year changing out one liner for one slightly less worn.

Story and pics kindly supplied by Kenneth Mackay

all comments welcome!

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