LEGENDRY FLOTILLAS – by Captain Geoffrey Walker

Singapore – East Coast Roads in recent times – a modern view

What follows is a fascinating account of the wartime evacuation by small vessels – an ‘Asian Dunkirk’


One of the vessels involved

An extract………….

A Plan of evacuation had been made and those vessels carrying military and civilians were directed to proceed towards safety via the Durian Straits, Berhala Straits, and the Banka Straits to points of refuge in Java. It is claimed that around 44 ships carrying evacuees left Singapore in loose convoy formation between February 12 to 14, 1942 and that of these vessels, all but 4 were bombed and sunk as they passed down the Bangka Straits from Singapore to Java. Consequently, thousands of men, women, and children were killed before any could reach land or be rescued from drowning at sea.

Click on the download button below for the full unpublished and illustrated article titled, ” Legendry Flotillas” kindly supplied by Geoff Walker

Also, see the website at https://oceanjoss.au

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