6 thoughts on “” FISH” Class vessels

  1. The fish class vessels were in my opinion the best bankline ships built .Their Doxford 4 CYLINDER 670 J type engineswere a joy to sail with, once you got used to the starting &monouvering technique. Also working on the engine units for unit overhauls was quite labòur intensive.BUt boy did you enjoy a few beers afterwards!!!!


  2. My first trip to sea was on MV Dacebank. I joined it as one of three engineering cadets in June 1979 straight from the builders yard in Sunderland. After sea trials we spent 3 days in Hamburg loading 12,000 tonnes of bulk potash. What a shame for a brand new ship. We then went to Kandla and Mangalore in India where it took 4 weeks to unload by hand with labourers shovelling it into sacks. We then went light ship to Japan to load steel and other products for Iran. Once there we spent 6 weeks at anchor waiting to go into Basra. Before the ship went into Basra we went to Kuwait where I paid off and the ship went back to anchor finally going into port on Christmas day 1979.

    Andrew Akerman


    1. Hi Andy, I seem to recall your name from possibly the Dacebank on the USA – SouthAfrica run circa 1984/5. I was junior engr at the time. Best wishes Charlie


    2. Hi Andy , we were called in after a protracted time at anchor as you say on Xmas afternoon. We we anchored again just inside the Shat el Arab waterway and went aground when the tide turned eventually getting alongside on Boxing Day. Having anticipated the run ashore for 3 months it was a bit disappointing. After that we sailed for Mauritius to load sugar fir London, happy days


  3. Did a short trip on the Dacebank. Joined in London, went to Hamburg for her builders repairs and paid off in Hull. I vaguely remember an all night bender on her. We got to Hamburg late morning, builder’s and cargo work started the next day so we went to ship’s bar for a beer. I left at 3 in the morning, the other appys left at 6:30. God H’burg was cold. It was a long cold day working on deck with the 3/0 (Richard ?Penhaligan).
    Nice ships, but 15 years late. 😦


    1. Interesting Edward. Yes, they were late to the container party. 10 years before they were built the OCL ‘Baby Bay’ boats were loading over 2000 teu. for the Australian trade.


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