New SIBONGA pictures

New SIBONGA pictures

For readers that don’t know the story or the drama of the SIBONGA rescue, please search on this site under SIBONGA. Briefly, the FIRBANK under time charter to the Danish EAC company was renamed Sibonga. Under the command of Captain Healey Martin, she was involved in the rescue of 1003 Vietnamese boat people in 2 boats in the China sea. This was in 1979. What makes the story so interesting today is the active interest and participation of those rescued on the various sites like ‘facebook’ many of whom were children at the time, and many of whom are now highly successful in their various careers. The whole story is a heartwarming one.

The people………….

Captain Martin with the boat Skipper….

The above photos courtesy of Mike Price who was the radio officer on board at the time. The full range of pictures can be seen on Facebook on the SIBONGA page.

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