1 thought on “A Bank Line Voyage

  1. I joined the M.V.Cloverbank in Calcutta on 27rh of January 1958 as 3rd. Mate having been transferred from the M.V Ieisbank which I had joined in Bathurst Gambia on 23rd of October 1957 ( Bugger as the Irisbank when the on a Brocklebank charter from Calcutta to the UK )
    I eventually paid off the on the 22nd of June 1959 in Colombo with suspected Typiod Fever ( resulting from a dirty needle used to administer an injection in Trincomalee.
    I was some 3 months later repatriated to the UK on the Liner Ortranto ( what a trip) having enough sea time to sit for my 1st Mates certificate .


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