A look back in time

The LARCHBANK was one of an 18 ship order and she was completed in 1925. She was destined to suffer a terrible fate, torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-27 in WW2 near the Maldive islands, and with the tragic loss of all the 48 persons board.

An earlier voyage

The engineers on the LARCHBANK in happier times – circa 1927-9 voyage. (Note the box camera of the times.)

The young Apprentices – all future Captains

left to right: Mitchell, Smith, and Wright.

Captain Andrew Morrow on the left

Photos of the above personnel kindly submitted to ‘banklineonline’ by Lester Morrow, who is the grandson of the Master above. He would welcome any extra information about the vessel, the Master, or the era. Please leave a message below. Many thanks .

all comments welcome!

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