3 thoughts on “SPEYBANK MODEL

  1. Any one sail on the Ex Russian built Spey Bank. I was with United Arab Shipping and We had 12 Little Russian built ships Behzitza Class if I remember correctly. Some names Al Jabiriah. Al Solabiah. They were a nightmare. Blacked out 14 times in a 4 n 1/2 month trip. 300 kw Gennies but up the Persian Gulf in the summer lucky if U could get 150 kw out of them no intercooler. Cranes were electric and Russian Haglunds more oil on deck than in the crane. Strangely tho they were happy hard working ships as long as there was enough to keep the job running Ac working – poorly and the bar fridge full and cold. What were The Spey and sister ships like. Interested in any reply. andrewscott6869@btinternet.com
    Rgds Andrew


    1. Hi Andrew. There have been comments re the ex Russian Bank Line ships like the Speybank. Just use the ‘ Q’ symbol to search around using the ships name and/or other words to winkle out the responses! Thanks/Alan


      1. Hi again Andrew. Not sure if you use Facebook but if so have a look at my bankline page where there are pics of the Russian ships and comments from some of the engineers that sailed on them. Not complimentary at all!


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