1 thought on “Bitumen

  1. Great to see something I never thought I would see again. We loaded a full cargo of bitumen at Point Fortin for Bombay, Vizag and Calcutta on my First port of call ,first trip in July 1953.

    I had a small pox jag which turned septic and I was hospitalised there for a week, sheer luxury. Getting back to ship, and recommended light duties, I was sent into one of the holds to supervise the dunnage placement and return of leaking/damaged drums. It was not a cushy task as these huge Trinidadians didn’t like us Brits and as they were on piece work did not want to disrupt their day by returning drums ashore. I experienced racism first hand and it was not pleasant. Also I had to learn their patois and I remember them signing calypsos which had started then.

    We spent the voyage to Trinidad preparing the holds. Removing all the spar ceilings. White washing the sides of the holds and covering the bilge boards with tar paper. Very hard work for three apprentices and the “chippy”

    I wonder if they still export Trinidad Lake Ashphalt in dumps nowadays.?


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