The following comments are kindly provided by Richard Wright who was a surveyor at the scene: He is referring here to an account written by the Chief Officer’s wife who was on board, and it can be found elsewhere on this site….. (search Maplebank on the ‘Q’ symbol)

The account is well written and an interesting view of the accident and the re-floating. Ian Lockley, the Salvage Master did use explosives to sink the hulk of the Korean fishing vessel, a good spectacle with the required result.
The re-floating took place on the last of the spring tides and in darkness. There were a few ‘hairy’ moments when the line to the heavy lift tackle on deck parted. The tugs efforts were then moved from the bow to a straight pull from the stern and with a skewing action, she came free. The fishing boat hulk then slid down the underwater cliff but still had lines attached, very quickly let go or cut!
The other interesting point for me was at the start as initially assistance had been accepted by the ships agents from Marine Pacific on an LOF but the master was later advised not to sign the LOF without confirmation from Bank Line HO. The master declined to allow the Marine Pacific rep to board and for the first days, there was a bit of a ‘ ‘mexican stand-off’ whilst the Bank Line super from Sydney (who had arrived on board) tried to re-float her under her own power, without success.

all comments welcome!

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