A copy of the original Indentures between George Russell, 16 years old, and Andrew Weir in 1889. George sailed on the HAWTHORNBANK and the THISTLEBANK and successfully completed the 4 years, no mean feat in the sailing era.

George Russell’s photo some 30 years later when working as a FOY boatman on the River Tyne out of S Shields. ( Towing sailing ships for a fee, and later for rope handling for the steamers)

Wages for the first year £4. He should not play ‘unlawful games’ nor frequent Taverns or Alehouses. NB: The wording 60 years later was still in use with only a few changes such as the dropping of a reference to ‘Prize money’, a relic from earlier times still.

The reverse showing the wages settlement and the sentence, ” The within Indenture has been completed by George Russell, and he leaves as a good seaman,”

Hawthornbank, one of George’s vessels in which he did 2 voyages. Shown under new owners

Thistlebank Master and Officers

The fascinating account and material above kindly supplied by Peter R Russell, George’s grandson. Many thanks Peter.

all comments welcome!

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