It doesn’t seem so long ago,

Joining sometimes in the snow,

But what a life on the Copra run,

Cruising round the Pacific sun!

First,  a visit to Gulf Ports,

The hectic loading of all sorts,

Sailing down to the Antipodes

Then island hopping in Southern Seas.

There were those times, – a precious thing,

Where island folk often sing,

The natural lazy way of life,

Free from worry, free from strife.

It was a gift, we never thought,

Just a job that we had sought,

But looking back it was something special

Joining on that Copra vessel.

1 thought on “ODE TO THE COPRA RUN

  1. Totally agree, my trip was on the Laganbank in 65/66, loaded Northern Europe, out through the Suez and back home via Panama


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