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Fish Class vessel RUDDBANK, was named after a stout-bodied freshwater sport fish of the carp family. She had many guises after her life as the RUDDBANK 1979 to 1983, She was successively: ROMNEY;LAIRG;NAPIER STAR;TAMAPATCHAREE;LADY REBECCA;GLOBAL MARINER and she sank IN THE YEAR 2000 after a collision in the Orinoco river.

As the original RUDDBANK

The TINHOW of 1913 built in Rostock.

She was built as the VALENCIA for the Hamburg/America Line. Became a war reparation in 1919, when she became the HUGHLI for James Nourse. Bank Line then purchased her in 1927. Sunk by a U boat in 1943 with a total of 75 deaths including passengers. She was the second vessel to bear this name after the 1906 TINHOW. She was owned by the Hong Kong Navigation Co. with Andrew Weir as managers.