1 thought on “FORTHBANK. (CORABANK class)

  1. I joined the Forthbank in hull in March 1981 as 3eng afterobtaining my 2nd eng ticket at south shields marine collage .she had just carried out a quadrennial survey at Boness in Holland where unfortunatlyafter leaving the drydock on a cold foggy winters day she collided with a bridge on her way out to sea.!!!! So she was turned around &back up to a layby birth for formasts replacement &some deck repairs.the masterwas Harry barber,but the collision was totally the pilots fault as they were talking in Dutch only to the tug & a misunderstanding caused the pilot to try &take the vessel through an unopen section of the bridge.Sutch is lifes surprises.!!!! This was my first Sopac copra run, down through the Panama canal & back up through the Suez canal a round trip of 4 months back to Rotterdam & payoff. My shortest trip after 4 voyages with the company. On our return from the south Pacific to Europe we carried a dug out canoe with outrigger attached which was a gift to Prince Charles on his visit there from the king of Tonga. The boat was located on top of containers down the aft end of vessel on the poopdeck , we took great pleasure in throwing our empty beer cans into the canoe on our voyage homewards.needles to say it was full on arrive back in Europe!!!! Good job they were cans & not bottled sp beers.!!!!


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