4 thoughts on “Beaverbank ashore at Fanning Island..

  1. I was working for the Solomons Trading Co. in Honiara and we were ships agent. The Beaverbank went aground in Gizo in 1967/68 and was pulled off by a large Dutch Tug which happened to be in the area.She had a cargo of aluminium ingots from Tasmania on board.A bit scary for me to jump onto the ships ladder from a small boat while the Beaverbank was in full speed astern with a fast wash along the side though.


  2. I assume the Beaverbank was refloated as I saw her being demolished at Gadani Beach ( the 1953 built Beavrbank )


    1. Hi Mike, The US salvage vessel ‘ Current’ based at Pearl harbour got her off, remarkably undamaged, but she had pumped out most of the coconut oil loaded previously which made a huge white lake around her!


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