Tamapatcharee, alias Ruddbank

The Ruddbank, built 1979 as one of the ‘ Fish’ class vessels, had a long and interesting career. Here goes! Sold to Lamport & Holt 83 and became the ‘ Ramsey’. Made 5 voyages to the Falklands on charter. 1986 became the ‘ Lairg’ in the Vestey Group. 1989 then became the ‘Napier Star’ which somehow enhanced her looks… 1891 sold to Tamapatcharee Shipping HK and took the same name. 1995 purchased by John McCrink (company – South Asia Shipping) who called her ‘Lady Rebecca’. 1999 sold to the International Transport Workers Federation and called ‘Global Mariner’. In 2000 sunk at mile 194 on the river Orinocco after a collision with the ‘ Atlantic Crusader’. The ‘Global Mariner’ had just left the berth and collided when making a turn in the river. A court case found her 100% to blame. See :

Pictures from Geoff Walker – see his book ” A Tramp for all the Oceans” elsewhere on this site.


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