« « BackNameOfficial numberFlagIMOHAWTHORNBANK 96091 GBR  Year builtDate launchedDate completed1889 14/09/1889  Vessel typeVessel description Cargo   Steel Sailing Vessel 3 Masted Barque BuilderYardYard noRussell & Co, Port GlasgowBay Yard 212  

TonnageLengthBreadthDepthDraft1369 grt / 1288 nrt / 231.3 ft 36.1 ft 21.6 ft  Engine builder, Engine detail 

First ownerFirst port of registerRegistration dateAndrew Weir, Glasgow Glasgow 28/09/1889 Other names Subsequent owner and registration history c1908 The Bank line ltd – mng Andrew Weir, Glasgow
1910 A/S Hawthornbank – mng J A Henschien & Co, Lillesand, Norway
1915 Alexander Prebensen, Risør, Norway
1915 Motorselskab Marienborg – mng V Henckel, Kalundborg DNK – reg Kalundborg?
 Vessel history Remarks End yearFate / Status1917 Torpedoed 25/04/1917 Disposal DetailSunk by German submarine U-58 (Kurt Wippern), 35 miles NxE from North Rona (Buenos Aires for Svendborg with maize). 9 crew were lost.  


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