The Boularibank, built in Finland 1983 for the Russian Far East Fleet. Quite a specification with a ro/ro ramp, 17 kts, and 576 teu container capacity. Served on the Pacific Island round the world service, and fitted with four double and four single berth passenger cabins.

The history of these ships – Built for the Russians – purchased by Bank Line 1995. Named Foylebank, Speybank, Arunbank, and Teignbank (above). After 2003 Swire shipping took over, chartering in the ships. In 2006, the Bank Line name was taken out, and in 2007 the ships served on Westbound round-the-world service. A mjor refit took place on all 4 ships, and they were renamed. The new names were:

Foylebank became Gazellebank
Teignbank became Boularibank (above)
Speybank became Mahinabank
Arunbank became Tikeibank

The last sailing was the Mahinabank in 2009.

Footnote: Opinions vary, but it is safe to say that many mariners found the profile unattractive. However, they were much loved by those who served on them as evidenced by some personal memories relayed elsewhere on this site!

(search for Tikeibank AND Gazellebank – 2 individual accounts)

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