1921 built Kelvinbank ex Brocklebank “Malia” – 9.5kts.

KELVINBANK MV was a British Cargo Motor Vessel of 3,872 tons built in 1921 by William Hamilton & Co, Port Glasgow. She was built as Malia MV for Thos & Jno Brocklebank, Liverpool. In 1927 British & Burmese Sn Co. and Burmah SS Co. (P.Henderson), Glasgow acquired the vessel and she was renamed Daga Mv. Finally she was sold in 1934 to BankLine Ltd. (Andrew Weir) and renamed KELVINBANK. On the 9th March 1943 when on route from Alexandria , Table Bay & Bahia for Trinidad & Macoris in ballast she was torpedoed by German submarine U-510 and sunk. 28 crew lost from a total of 59.

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