1. Hi,
        I was being kept updated about the situation through COVID by Geoff Solomon re reunions etc. I am ex Bankline from Australia. 1976 to 1984. I was hoping to attend a reunion at some stage. Then Geoff said he was leaving his post due to health reasons.

        Have heard nothing since.
        my email is op910au@yahoo.com

        Hope to hear something soon.
        Rod Nissen


  1. Greetings, any info on my school friend Bill Beavis? He joined Bank line in about 1956 and two trips which covered the next four years! He was on deck and when I went to sea in 1957 I was in the radio room.
    Brian Bartlett


  2. My name is Md.Shaker,my father was in Bank line as steward, since childhood I heard all the good thing of this company, my family was dependent on my dad earning, I love this company, can i become member of the association.


  3. Hi, I served on the MV Teakbank as the 6th and 5th Engineer from ’64 to ’68. Mr Wigham was the Captain. I have tried several times to login with no success. Can you please assist. My email is polaris.smith68@gmail.com I would like to re-connect. Kind regards. Raleigh Michael Smith


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